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Adoption Projects and the International Context
The project of adopting a child born in another country is undertaken in an international context in which unforeseen events can disturb or interrupt the process temporarily. Occasionally, registrations will no longer be accepted in a certain country for a period of time without necessarily affecting the processing of applications already underway. Watch this site for notices or contact a certified agency.
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For every child born here, expected and surrounded by love, for hundreds of others across the world their destiny is abandonment. However, whatever the circumstances surroundings a birth, each child is entitled to tenderness, to a healthy development and a loving family that wants him. Every year in Quebec, approximately eight hundred parents have the privilege of welcoming toddlers coming from about twenty countries. On a smaller scale it is a little like a love miracle that is renewed by imprinting in the heart of each child an inner peace that cannot be measured by any statistic.

The Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale is proud, trough its window on the world, to present its philosophy, its values, its operation, the legal framework governing its activities and its network of partners as well as numerous information regarding international adoption.

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Before initiating contact with an individual or organization claiming to be an international adoption agent, make sure that they hold a certificate to that effect issued by the Minister of Health and Social Services and insist on seeing the official document proving that they are duly certified.

Consult the list of certified agencies on our website or contact SAI at 514-873-5226 or 1-800-561-0246.

Registration with Certified Agencies
To find out for which countries registration is possible, see the table of conditions for countries of origin for which registration is possible. »»»
Hague Convention of May 1993