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COVID-19: Intercountry Adoption Activities

January 21, 2021

Most activities related to intercountry adoption are continuing according to the agreed arrangements:

  • Meetings planned for psychosocial assessments or updates are conducted virtually, except for home visits, which must be done in person. In the current context, home visits are suspended and will be carried out later.
  • Meetings for children's progress reports as well as psychological evaluations are conducted virtually.
  • Please note that all the activities above may be affected by the healthcare network teams’ capacity to respond.

Processing of requests for background searches and reunions will continue according to the usual procedure.

All international adoption activities must comply with public health rules both in Quebec and in the children’s countries of origin. Adjustments may be required depending on how the situation develops.

The Secrétariat à l’adoption internationale remains available to answer your questions..