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Adoption in Canada

Adoption in Canada is under provincial and territorial jurisdiction. The procedure to follow is set out by Québec and the relevant province or territory.

Adoption in Québec

Adoption of Québec children is not within the mandate of the Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale (SAI). For all questions concerning the adoption of a child in Quebec, contact the centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux or the centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux in your region Lien externe, une nouvelle page s'ouvrira..

Adoption process in Canada

To adopt a child who is domiciled elsewhere in Canada, an application must first be submitted to the SAI.

In Québec, a person who wishes to adopt a child who is domiciled elsewhere in Canada may be authorized to begin the process without assistance from a certified body. The child contemplated by the adoption plan must have been entrusted to the care of a competent public child protection or adoption authority in the Canadian province or territory of origin.

  1. Submission of the adoption plan to the SAI

    The adopter must contact the SAI and submit his or her adoption plan so that its admissibility can be verified. The SAI analyzes the plan and, if applicable, authorizes it in accordance with the laws of Québec and the province or territory of origin. 

  2. Psychosocial assessment

    When the application has been analyzed and approved, the adopter receives a confirmation letter authorizing him or her to proceed with the psychosocial assessment.

    The assessment must result in a positive recommendation in order for the adoption process to continue.

  3. Continuation of the adoption process

    The adopter must prepare his or her file in cooperation with the social services in the relevant province or territory. The adopter then submits the file to the provincial or territorial authorities. He or she must inform the SAI of the steps taken. 

  4. Proposal of a child

    The competent provincial or territorial authority proposes a child to the adopter.

    That authority then submits the adoption proposal to the SAI. The SAI verifies the compliance of the proposal and, if applicable, gives its consent to the adoption plan.

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