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Research into Family Origins

Bill 113, An Act to amend the Civil Code and other legislative provisions as regards adoption and the disclosure of information (2017, Chapter 12), was adopted and received assent on June 16, 2017. The amendments to the confidentiality rules regarding the identity of adopted persons and their parents of origin came into effect on June 16, 2018. For more information, visit the section Legislative amendments.

The information on this page does not replace that of the official legislation.

Some people may want to know more about their adoption or the adoption of their child. Others may even want to find their parent of origin or a child who was adopted, as the case may be.

In Québec, the Secrétariat à l’adoption internationale (SAI) is responsible for keeping international adoption files and responding to the following requests for research into family origins:

Legislative amendments

The provisions of the Act amending the confidentiality rules regarding the identity of adopted persons and of the parents of origin who gave a child up for adoption came into force on June 16, 2018.

The Minister of Health and Social Services, through the Secrétariat à l’adoption internationale, is responsible for acting on requests for “research into family and medical antecedents and reunions”, in the case of an interprovincial or international adoption.

To undertake research into “family and medical antecedents and reunions”, if you are an adopted person, you must be 14 years of age or over or, if this is not the case, you must obtain the consent of your adoptive parents. To submit a request, you must:

  1. fill out the Application for Research into Family and Medical Antecedents and Reunions PDF file form;
  2. print and sign the form;
  3. send the form and all requested documents by email or by regular mail to the following address:
    • Email: rasri@msss.gouv.qc.ca
    • Mailing address:
      Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale (RASRI)
      201, Boul. Crémazie Est, Bureau 1.01
      Montréal, Québec
      H2M 1L2

If you are unable to download the form, you may obtain it by mail by calling 514 873-5226 for Montréal or 1 800-561-0246 elsewhere in Québec. You may also obtain a form by email.